Thank you for visiting Wallace Hardware.We’ve been serving our customers for over 96 years and I am very pleased you’ve taken the time to explore how Wallace can serve you and your business.When you choose Wallace Hardware, you’ll have a partner that will take a comprehensive business approach to your market.It’s all about you and your profitability.

You are the customer!  Without you, there is no need for us, the distributor.  Our purpose is to keep your shelves stocked with the right products, in the right amounts, and at the right prices to satisfy your customers’ needs.  When combined with our valuable services that make your job more manageable and your business more profitable, our mission is defined!

There are many other companies that provide the same type of service that Wallace Hardware has been providing for the past 96 years.  What sets us apart is our family of employees, dealers, and vendors.  We are a family working together in a partnership to provide the best products and customer service available in our industry.  Since 1922, our family has been dedicated to providing innovative dealer services always guided with Christian ideals.  The success we’ve experienced can be directly attributed to a deep commitment and focus on these rooted core values.

Welcome to Wallace Hardware and welcome to our family!


Doyle M. Wallace

President & CEO